What Is Pre-Law Forum?

Accurate information!! Direct From The Source!!
Admission to one of Canada’s law schools is competitive. The admissions process is long and complex. The LSAT (Law School Admission Test) creates lots of anxiety. Applicants are “starved” for information. The twin pressures of anxiety and lack of information encourage applicants to seek information in places where they shouldn’t.
Pre-Law Forum is an event designed to bring you lots of accurate information.
Who knows more than the law schools about their own programs and the application process?

Let the law schools teach you about:

What Law School Programs Are Available

  • what courses do I take in law school
  • whether there are pre-law courses that will help me
  • How can I attend law school and earn more than just one degree
  • How I get admitted to the bar and become a lawyer
  • Whether I can attend law school outside of Canada and become a lawyer in Canada

What Law School Is Actually Like

  • take a test run. Participate in a class taught by a real law professor!

How The Law School Application Process Works? What Are The Components Of The Application File?

  • when are applications due and and what EXACTLY is due on the due date?
  • References, personal statements
  • What grades will be considered
  • The autobiographical sketch
  • Volunteer work and other extra-curricular activities

About The LSAT?

  • when, where, how?
  • Preparation? How much? When should I start? Where do I start?
  • Pick up an LSAT Prep Guide

Pre-Law Forum - Accurate Information – Direct From The Source!